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I just lost my job .... here's 100 things I am grateful for

This coming Thursday (19 April 2018) will be the first day since my 13th birthday that I have been officially unemployed.

I'm one of 6,000 people being made redundant (such a terrible word - rhymes with pungent!) from National Australia Bank over the next few years. So I figured that right here, right now was a good time to make a list of 100 things in my life that I am grateful for:-

  1. A loving and amazingly patient wife

  2. A funny, handsome son

  3. A gorgeous, cheeky daughter

  4. A relatively nice home

  5. Access to clean water

  6. An abundance of fresh & good quality foods (probably too much!)

  7. An awesome climate

  8. A stable, harmonious society

  9. My book collection; and

  10. Having reasonable enough eyesight to actually read my books

  11. Relatively good health; and

  12. Access to a great health system when I do get sick

  13. My Mum

  14. Electricity

  15. Clean Air

  16. ABC RN (yes, I am a nerd!)

  17. My swimming pool

  18. My chocolate labrador - Milo

  19. My car (even though it's nearly 12 years old)

  20. Being present at the birth of both of my children

  21. Seeing James Taylor perform live (twice)

  22. Visiting Loch Ness

  23. Being in the studio audience of the taping of "The Drew Carey Show" in LA

  24. Noosa

  25. Seeing "The Lion King" in London's West End

  26. I've seen the Mona Lisa at The Louvre

  27. Attending the Boxing Day Test Cricket in Melbourne

  28. Riding in a Ferrari

  29. Taking a surfing lesson

  30. Ice cream

  31. Holding my two old dogs (Seth and Toby) as they passed away

  32. The music of Eva Cassidy

  33. Being lucky enough to attend Oaks Day at Flemington Race Course

  34. Riding the London Eye

  35. Flying a fighter jet & 747 in a Flight Simulator

  36. Attending an Andrea Bocelli concert

  37. I've seen & handled $1M in cash

  38. Attending Oktoberfest in Munich

  39. I've flown on a private, chartered jet

  40. Serotonin & Dopamine

  41. Riding a segway

  42. Attending the ballet (just once) - Swan Lake

  43. A week on the island of Rhodes (Greece)

  44. I've milked a cow

  45. Travelled on The Queenslander (train)

  46. Attended a State of Origin

  47. Seeing Harry Connick Jr Live in concert

  48. Attending a Carols by Candlelight in the Melbourne Sidney Myer Music Bowl

  49. Bandaids

  50. Completing a private tour of the Port of Melbourne

  51. Hearing & seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert (twice)

  52. I've participated in a Flash Mob

  53. Our walk-in shower

  54. I've had two short stories published in The Australian newspaper

  55. I've had a Long Island Ice Tea (and survived!)

  56. BBQs

  57. Poetry - particular Rudyard Kipling

  58. Cinema (especially Gold Class)

  59. Air travel

  60. The sound of birds chirping in the morning

  61. Good neighbours

  62. Air conditioning

  63. 'The Australian' newspaper

  64. Netflix & Stan

  65. Being a passenger in a huge Sikorsky helicopter

  66. Not having hay fever anymore

  67. The family cat - Rocks

  68. My garden

  69. Microsoft Excel

  70. Living in a democracy

  71. Yatala Pie's French Vanilla Slice

  72. Flushable wipes... (for the kids!)

  73. GOMA - Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art

  74. Music & all the ways to enjoy it today

  75. Yoghurt

  76. Traffic Lights

  77. Spending nearly 12 months living in the Lake District of England

  78. Melbourne Trams

  79. Spending a night at the Grand Canyon

  80. Seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

  81. Comedy & laughter

  82. "Conversations" with Richard Fidler & Sara Kanowski

  83. "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

  84. Pizza

  85. A comfortable, king size bed

  86. That I was born in Australia

  87. Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell

  88. Brisbane coffee - Merlo & Di Bella

  89. reddit.com

  90. Some wonderful, loyal friends

  91. Lego

  92. The memories of my Dad

  93. Parks with swings

  94. Medium-hot curry

  95. No-sugar creaming soda

  96. Steve Martin movies

  97. Seat belts

  98. Carrot Cake

  99. My bike

  100. All the people I've worked with and met over the last 21+ years who have taught me, befriended me, guided me and supported me

I'm looking forward to the next phase of life and taking the path that Mother Nature lays down for me. Take care of yourself and I hope that each day ahead is one of the Top Five days of your life, so far!

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