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10 ways to be less "so busy!"

Are you busy? So busy? So very, very busy?

Here's 10 ways to being less "so busy":-

  1. Stop talking to, emailing, social-network-chattering with other people about things which have no actionable impact on you, them or anyone you have influence over.

  2. Stop watching television.

  1. Stop attending, arranging or organising meetings, video-conferences, teleconferences and 'off-sites' which have no actionable impact on or for you.

  2. Stop avoiding the actual work - whilst no one wants to believe they are 'work avoiders' there are plenty of studies which show that the vast majority of people who are gainfully employed actually (but not necessarily consciously) spend a great deal of time trying to avoid the work. Coffee break anyone?

  3. Stop all non-essential travel - oh, and by the way, the definition of 'essential' here is 'essential for the people at your destination' not 'essential in my mind because I have an important job title which means I should be out seeing people and that means travelling'.

  4. Understand & chart your mind & body clock: when do you feel most energised and effective to do different types of work? Is it early morning, just before lunch or late evening? When do you need a break and what's the best form of downtime for you? Is it a nap, a run or perhaps some quiet time in the local park or square?

  5. Start a daily, weekly and longer term "to-do" list, prioritised on the Urgent|Important matrix. Make sure you use sub-headings like "Calls to return" and "Easy stuff" or even match to your mind & body clock chart with headings like "First thing AM", "Before noon" or "Late PM".

  1. Start to say "no" or at the very least ask "who else might be able to do (or help with doing) this?".

  2. Take action. Actually do stuff rather than plan to do stuff. Nike are spot on with their brand tag-line "Just do it!"

  3. And finally, stop telling other people, and yourself, that you are busy. We are, after all, what we think we are!

Good luck on becoming less "so busy".........

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