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22 Traits of a Master Leader

Having spent the best part of the last fifteen years examining & learning about Leadership I've put together my list of things I believe Master Leaders must understand:

  1. Master Leaders know that in order to LISTEN one must be SILENT

  2. Master Leaders understand that WORK is central to leadership.... it's about doing good, not just looking good (leadership is an action - it's exercised not held!)

  3. Master Leaders see PREPARATION as fundamental

  4. Master Leaders act & behave in SERVICE of others - that is, it's about other people not them

  5. Master Leaders are their own "WATCHER" - understanding and adapting their behaviours to their environment

  6. Master Leaders understand LOSS & DEFEAT and are comfortable in dealing with & managing it

  7. A Master Leader understands HOPE & FEAR and the interplay of these with SUCCESS & FAILURE

  8. Master Leaders have a clearly defined set of VALUES

  9. GRACE & GRATITUDE are habitual for a Master Leader

  10. A Master Leader understands the differences between (and works with) POWER, AUTHORITY & POSITION

  11. Master Leaders BELIEVE

  12. Master Leaders understand the differences between PLEASURE & HAPPINESS

  13. Master Leaders TRUST, but VERIFY

  14. Master Leaders possess COURAGE

  15. KINDNESS is always evident in a Master Leader

  16. Master Leaders know how to ask great QUESTIONS.... and the right time to ask them

  17. Master Leaders can see multiple positions from multiple positions - they are excellent at exercising PERSPECTIVE

  18. ADMISSION - Master Leaders have the fortitude to admit when they have done wrong or don't know what to do

  19. Master Leaders know that CHANGE is a verb - action is required!

  20. Master Leaders understand LOVE in all its forms

  21. HUMILITY is a central tenet to the Master Leader

  22. Master Leaders operate within and encourage systems of INTERDEPENDENCE - they know no ONE has all the answers, including themselves

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