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Bored? Need something to do?

How many meetings, conferences, face-to-face off sites and teleconferences did you attend in the last 12 months?

And of those , how many had a meaningful agenda? Or a meaningful outcome?

How many of those meetings had at least ONE action item for everyone to complete?

And how many of those actions were actually completed?

How many times did you hear the words (A) Leadership (B) Paradigm (C) Expectation (D) Unacceptable?

How often was the event (1) solely focused on rewarding and celebrating success or (2) focused on sharing good news?

How many meetings or teleconferences did the authority figure speak for more than 50% of the time?

How many meetings or teleconferences did someone really disagree with what the Authority figure was espousing? Even when it was clear that the Authority figure was wrong?

How many times over the last 12 months did you hear the words "I agree" in a meeting or teleconference?

Is the corporate world addicted to meetings, off sites and teleconferences?

As I reflect on these questions I am reminded of a phrase a former colleague would say to me on a daily basis:

"Are you bored? Need something to do? Why not hold a meeting or teleconference?"

Why not, indeed?

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