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5 keys to a great team

Ronald Reagan once said that his relationship with the Soviet Union was based on an old Russian maxim: Trust, but verify. This is also true for the operation of a successful & truly great team.

Great teams seek to UNDERSTAND and Trust themselves - but also expect and welcome verification.

Great teams have a culture based on freedom with expectation: of each individual being integral and being part of the team: of constant communication and care for others.

Great teams live by the rule that good news travels fast and bad news faster.

Great teams understand and are open about their strengths and weaknesses: and they spend time understanding these same traits in their partners & peers.

Great teams understand their goal…they know the “What” (they want to do) and more importantly: the “WHY” (they want to do it). Great teams know that Relationships are everything. Great teams understand that PARTNERing with each other to deliver their goal is the key focus of every minute of every day.

Great teams keep INFORMed about events in their colleagues’, peers’ and partners’ lives. Great teams are informed about what it is their competitors & peers are doing. Great teams share insights & knowledge.

Great teams see every day as an opportunity to learn & develop. To reflect on interactions and discover how next time might be improved.

Great teams keep informed about and are aware of their performance: they know that results are important.

Individuals in Great teams SUPPORT each other – professionally & personally. They take time to share a meal or a coffee with Colleagues.

Great teams understand that sometimes support lies in saying ‘No’.

Great Teams seek to PROTECT themselves. Great Teams are diligent about risk management – internal and external & physical and emotional. Great Teams acknowledge risks and learn & adapt when they don’t get things right.

The secret to Great Teams, though, is that not a single word of instruction needs to be written down: rather, the culture in Great Teams is caught, not taught…

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