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10 ways to lose a team

Over the last twenty years I've worked with & in dozens (if not hundreds) of teams. Here's my Top 10 list of how & why Leaders lose their team...

  1. Say "I'll get back to you on that" ...... but never do.

  2. Micromanagement. Constant checking on what people are doing is a sure fire way to raise the ire of most people in a team. Beyond that, it's also an incredibly lazy & disrespectful method of engaging people and rarely effective in the medium to longer term.

  3. Play favourites. It's okay (indeed, natural) to have favourites - just don't show it!

  4. Take credit for the successes but never admit their part in any failures. You know the type - every new idea or big sale is because of them. Every movement off course is due to someone in their team who they are "planning to get rid of."

  5. Can't help because they "don't do detail".

  6. Keep secrets about information that can and should be shared. Even worse, they call a meeting or teleconference to 'reveal' information that only they know (except most of the attendees already know it!)

  7. Demand everyone always be positive. Sure, it's great to have a positive & engaging workplace ..... BUT ...... Human's aren't always positive.

  8. Locking their people out of a room for being 2 minutes late to a meeting! Just childish and, frankly, pathetic.

  9. Spending more time reviewing spreadsheets & reports to determine what their people are doing than from simply talking with them.

  10. Never saying "Thank you".

Got any more?

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