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.....the bright side of life

Today has been the best day of my, so far. I know tomorrow will be better again - how could it not be?

I live in a wonderful nation. A fantastic city. A great suburb.

I have a pretty good home. I have an interesting job and earn enough money to make ends meet.

I'm blessed with relatively good health. If I do get sick I have access to affordable health care & experienced medical professionals.

I have a loving & supportive family. I know lots of fantastic people.

I eat well - maybe too well ! I have access to some of the world's best & freshest produce.

I have fresh water available whenever I need it. Electricity supply is reliable and relatively affordable.

Most people I know, who want to work, have a job. If I want to advance my knowledge through further study, chances are the Government or my employer will provide some assistance with the tuition costs. My children can be educated from prep to matriculation for very little cost.

I live in a robust democracy. I can think and speak my opinion without fear of retribution. Our government, courts and police are not without fault - but largely function well. Our Corporates are, for the most part, socially responsible & well governed.

I'm surrounded by people from just about every nation on earth - living together in relative harmony.

I am fortunate enough to live amongst some of the best scenery on earth. From picture-perfect beaches to beautiful forests and mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, vineyards, cattle stations, orchards ...city-scapes.

It's true that not everything is perfect - it never will be. But focusing on the negatives has rarely inspired me to make tomorrow better than today...and I know that tomorrow holds the promise of being the Best Day of My Life, so far.......

#positivemindset #positivity

Our Recent Posts



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