about souled

souled was founded by Paul Carpenter in 2018 with the aim of supporting individuals & teams to be the best version of themselves.

About Paul - 

I'm a husband, father, thinker, mentor, listener, writer & dog walker.

My heritage is a mix of English, Scottish, German and Butchulla (Fraser Island Indigenous).

I believe in the three lores of the Butchulla people - 

1.  What is good for the land comes first

2.  Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you

3.  If you have plenty, you must share

I firmly believe that family always (always) comes first. I believe in exercising an inquisitive mind, taking the counsel of others and listening more than talking.

I value courtesy, tolerance and forgiveness. I believe that change is a verb: action is a pre-requisite, not an alternative.

I know that those things which bring me pleasure do not necessarily bring me happiness.

I believe leadership has nothing to do with authority or position. Exercising leadership is about doing good, not looking good.

I have an obsessive dislike for excessive hierarchy & needless bureaucracy.

I know that strategy, planning & process are important but must always come second to people. I'm convinced that, as humans, our similarities are far wider than our differences - and bridging the gap is all about communication & changing perspectives.

I believe that life can be a mission or a journey - either way it's all about purpose. My purpose is to help people, teams and businesses grow, to reach their full potential and for them to be as successful as possible.

I live in Brisbane (Australia) with my wife & children and believe you only get one chance at this wonderful life (but if you do get a second I want it to be as a golden labrador).

what I've done


January 1996 - April 2018

With over 20 years experience in the Banking & Finance industry I've worked across most of Australia with thousands of individuals, team and businesses to support their needs & goals.

I have a deep understanding of most industries (including experience working with farms & agribusinesses).  


I am an expert on the seven cash driver impacts upon businesses & have significant experience in risk identification, mitigation & management.


Additionally, I have extensive experience in people leadership, personal & team coaching and 1-on-1 mentoring.

social sector experience

January 2010 -

Since January 2010 I've been working across a number of Social Sector & Not-for-profit organisations including Ardoch Youth Foundation, Lions Club of Australia, NAB Schools' First &

From June 2014 until April 2018 I held the position of Principal Trustee of NAB's Managers' Club Insurance Scheme for Queensland.



I am deeply passionate about education & have a love of learning.  I hold a Diploma & Bachelor of Business, an Executive Certificate in Strategic Business Acumen, an Associate Certificate in Property Finance, a Certificate IV in Financial Services and a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management.

In addition to these formal certifications I've also completed: 

  • Agile Project Management 

  • The "Four Tendencies" Model Accreditation 

  • Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Yellow Belt accreditation;

  • Sales Leadership mastery with Cohen-Brown & Miller-Heiman;

  • Facilitation Skills masterclass;

  • Authentic Leadership, Hermann Whole Brain & Emotional Intelligence workshops;

  • Adaptive Leadership Program (Benevolent Society - Social Leadership Australia).